A golfing vacation with your dog

(Golfing) fun for your four-legged friends

Golf in Austria presents the perfect golf hotels for dog owners

Every golfing dog owner is familiar with the problem that many golf facilities do not admit dogs. Below you will find golf courses and hotels in Austria that will be glad to accommodate you and your dog, so that nothing will get in the way of a relaxed golfing vacation with your dog.

As any dog owner will tell you, man’s best friend is part of the family. Naturally, dog owners want to share not just their daily lives, but also their golfing vacations with their dogs.

If we could, we would spend every minute of the day with our beloved four-legged companions. Some Golf in Austria destinations offer perfect conditions for golfing vacations with dogs: golf hotels that not only tolerate, but welcome dogs; golf courses that will let your dog accompany you on your rounds of golf. In the section “find your golf hotel”, dog owners can use the “theme” filters on the left to specifically search for hotels that allow “golfing with dogs”. In the section “find your golf club” you can also apply the “golfing with dogs” filter. About half of the golf courses represented by Golf in Austria allow dogs on a leash. To guests who do not wish to encounter any dogs on the golf course we recommend any of the more than 30 golf facilities that do not include the “dogs on a leash” symbol in their overview.

Below you will find the best hotels and golf clubs for a golfing vacation with your dog:

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