Golf & Health

Golf enjoyment and health in perfect combination

Discover the golf holiday in Austria that combines golf enjoyment with the goal of improving your health. At these Golf in Austria hotels, you can expect not only an outstanding golf experience, but also a comprehensive range of offers for your physical and mental health.

In Austria, known for its warm hospitality, golf lovers are looked after and pampered by every trick in the book. Our hosts know that your golfing experience will be all the better if you are physically and mentally fit. That is why there is a wide range of wellness and health offers to ensure that you feel completely at ease.

Recharge your batteries amidst the breathtaking natural scenery and treat yourself to the best of both worlds - golf and health - on a relaxing and revitalising golf holiday in Austria. You can recharge your batteries with special medical wellness programmes ranging from holistic care to precisely tailored nutrition, health weeks, fasting programmes, sports programmes, yoga and relaxation, as well as medical care, and much more.

Experience the perfect combination of golf and health in Austria and return with a strengthened body and fresh inspiration.

Also visit our Golf & Spa page and discover here how you can spend your time in Austria in a way that is good for your body and mind. Learn more about our first-class offers and be inspired by our commitment to your health.

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