Taking golf lessons in your vacation

Learn to play golf during your vacation in Austria

Use your golfing vacation as a chance to learn

Do you want to learn the game of golf, to smell the green and hear the hiss of a perfectly hit golf ball for the first time? And do you want to do it all without any pressure? Then Golf in Austria’s golf hotels and clubs are just the place for you!

Many people feel like trying new things during their vacation. Why not learn to play golf in Austria, far away from your stressful everyday life?

Golf lessons for beginners

Are you looking for a new hobby? Try golf – alone or together with your partner, children and friends. You can schedule your first attempts at golf freely. The golfing season in Austria lasts from mid-March to early November.

The first trial lesson is very important for golf beginners. We recommend recruiting the help of a golf pro for your first attempts. Self-taught mistakes can make it difficult to achieve satisfactory results.

Improve your handicap during your golfing vacation

Working on your swing or learning new ways to hit the ball is an important part of golf. The fact that no two strokes are ever the same is what makes this sport so beautiful. No matter how advanced your playing is, you can always take lessons to get even better. A small suggestion from a golf pro might be all it takes to improve your playing.

Spending time on the course is what a golfing vacation is all about. After a full day of work, many of us don’t have the time nor the energy to play 18 holes or take golf lessons. Use your golfing vacation in Austria to improve your playing!

A golfing vacation is a great opportunity to work on your technique in a relaxed environment. You will have enough time to practise and memorise any new strokes, changes in technique or tips from the pro. Take golf lessons to improve your handicap – individually or with your family and friends!

Below you will find a selection of Golf in Austria hotels that offer golf lessons to improve your playing.

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