Golfing vacations in the Zillertal valley

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The Zillertal valley is one of the best-known holiday destinations in the world. Its first golf course opened in 2013 – and it is a great golf course! The Zillertal-Uderns GC has been an important player in golfing vacations in Austria right from the start, featuring a top-notch spa hotel on the golf course and underground parking for its golfing guests. The many golf hotels in the Zillertal valley and their devoted staff will cater to a golfer’s every need.

The legendary hospitality of the locals and the sports and activities in Tyrol’s widest valley have always drawn many visitors. Now, the Zillertal valley also offers first-rate golfing vacations, in addition to the exciting mountain adventures, unbroken traditions and many musical events that make up the special charm of this region.

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A wonderful golfing vacation is not just about beautiful golf courses and great golf resorts. It’s the “little things” that can make all the difference. Below you will find a list of further criteria to help you make your decision. Is there anything else you require for a blissful golfing vacation?


Golfing vacations in the Zillertal valley

Golfing vacations in the Zillertal valley are all about first-rate golf hotels, the excellent Leading Golf Course Zillertal-Uderns, mountain lodges serving traditional cuisine, gourmet restaurants in the valley, public outdoor pools and natural swimming lakes, top-notch events and a great variety of sports and spare time activities. Spend an unforgettable golfing vacation in one of Austria’s most beautiful mountain regions with majestic summits, clear mountain air, wonderful spring water and pristine landscapes!


Erlebnistherme Zillertal: spa adventures

The air is filled with splashing and bubbling noises, from the water slides you can hear children squeal with delight and in the wave pool you will feel as if you were on the beach.

The Erlebnistherme Zillertal offers a manifold spa experience on 1000 m² with indoor pools, outdoor pools and brine pools, an adventure pool and countless massage jets. The two water slides with a length of about 130 metres each are especially popular with children. The spa also features eight different sauna and steam rooms to relax your muscles and your mind.


Zillertal hay milk dairy

Visit the dairy with showroom and museum and find out why hay milk supplied by mountain farms makes all the difference in cheese production! You can learn more about dairies in the past and present and sample many milk products made from natural ingredients with traditional, hundred-year-old methods.


Zillertal High Alpine Road

A comfortable way to explore the Zillertal mountains is to take a drive on one of Austria’s most beautiful Alpine roads.

Driving on this (toll) road is a great experience in itself. At the road’s highest point at 2020 metres above sea level, visitors are rewarded with an impressive view of the Tyrolean mountains. From there it is only a short hike to two spectacular “mountain lodges”, offering a modern Alpine lifestyle experience of the highest quality from Thursdays to Sundays. You will wish you could stay longer!


Hintertux Glacier: a natural ice palace

Explore a subterranean world of ice and light at 3250 metres above sea level!

With helmets, harnesses and belay loops, visitors enter a palace of ice created by nature itself. They pass through a crevasse, along frozen waterfalls and over a glacial lake until they reach the “blue chamber” and the “ice chapel” illuminated in red. Please remember to bring solid shoes and warm clothing, since the ice palace has a constant temperature of 0°C!


Schleier waterfall

A 90-metre high waterfall

The Schleier waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Tyrol. You can reach the waterfall by an easy 30-minute hike.


Spieljoch adventure mountain

The Spieljoch adventure mountain guarantees much fun for the entire family.

The adventures begin right at the top station of the cable car, where the mountain scenery blends with the horizon: At the Crystal Park, children can look for gemstones at a small crystal mine in a supervised 60-minute activity. A “relax and balance park” on a reservoir lake, a high rope course and a barefoot trail promise exciting adventures and much exercise. For an adrenaline-filled ride we recommend the newly installed zip-line that starts at an altitude of 1900 metres above sea level and lets you soar to a point 300 metres below – with extraordinary photo opportunities against a spectacular Alpine backdrop. If you are looking for an even more daring activity you can go tandem paragliding all the way down into the valley or ride a Monsterroller off-road scooter on a 6.5-km downhill route.


BrauKunstHaus, Zell am Ziller

Experience Tyrolean beer culture with all your senses!

The showrooms with a total exhibition space of more than 5000 m² provide a fascinating multimedia tour of Tyrol’s oldest private brewery in Zell am Ziller. On three floors, visitors can use all their senses to explore the carefully selected ingredients, the brewing and bottling processes and the region’s traditions and unique characteristics. The tour is concluded by the sampling of beer specialties – always a highlight!


Kletterzentrum Zillertal climbing gym

Open daily!

This climbing gym comprises more than 1300 m² of climbing and bouldering spaces. If you prefer to climb without a partner, you can use 8 auto belays and a 330-m² bouldering area.


FeuerWerk HolzErlebnisWelt showroom

In Fügen in the Zillertal valley, the Binder family has created a very special attraction: the HolzErlebnisWelt showroom and exhibition space. On a 60-minute tour of the biomass cogeneration plant, you can gain fascinating insights and learn interesting facts about the history of the wood industry, the production of wooden pellets, green power and climate change. The SichtBAR restaurant offers a splendid panoramic view of the Binderholz factory premises and the majestic mountain scenery of the Zillertal valley from a 16-metre-high observation deck.
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