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Golf in Austria unites 130 golf hotels, golf clubs and golf regions, all of them dedicated to providing perfect services to their golfing guests. We will be glad to help you plan your next golfing vacation and find the right golf courses and the ideal golf hotel for your personal needs: Our recommendations span golf hotels right on the course, golf hotels on lakes, conveniently priced golf hotels, golf and spa hotels, hotels for golfing gourmets, for golfers with dogs or for family golfing vacations, golf lessons and special offers for golfing group trips.

Should you require any personal advice for your next golfing vacation in Austria, please contact us for some free information!


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The most popular ideas for themed golfing vacations in Austria
What activities are available for a golfing vacation with your children? What additional services are provided at your hotel on the golf course? What culinary delights will round off your golfing trip? And where can you bring your dog on a golfing vacation? Visit our themed subpages for answers to all these questions and matching offers.
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reasons why you should spend your golfing vacation in Austria

and why the Golf in Austria hotels and golf courses are the best places to go.

A wonderful golfing vacation is not just about beautiful golf courses and great golf resorts. It’s the “little things” that can make all the difference. Below you will find a list of further criteria to help you make your decision. Is there anything else you require for a blissful golfing vacation?


All our hotels are run by golf enthusiasts

We recommend a great variety of golf hotels: hotels right on the course, golf hotels in the mountains or on a lake, golf hotels for the whole family, spa hotels with panoramic golf course views, conveniently priced golf hotels as well as highly exclusive golf hotels offering every conceivable luxury. What unites the managers and staff of all our golf hotels is their passion for golfing and their expertise in servicing golfing guests.


Enjoy reliable golf services at your golf hotel

… whichever Golf in Austria hotel you might choose.

The staff and management at all our golf hotels will be glad to advise you as to which local golf courses might suit you best. You can get your tee times booked by your hotel before your arrival. Each golf hotel is a partner of at least one local golf course and will automatically offer you the cheapest greenfee rates. For further golf-related services please consult the detailed descriptions of our golf hotels.


Hospitable golf clubs

Guests are always welcome at any golf courses within the Golf in Austria community!

We endorse no private clubs nor golf courses that admit guest players only at certain hours. All golf clubs and golf course operators represented by Golf in Austria accommodate guest players at any time. For instance, all our golf clubs offer guest locker rooms, showers, rental clubs and well-equipped pro shops.


A variety of golfing delights

Each golf region in Austria comprises a great variety of golf courses within a short distance.

During your golfing vacation you will be able to choose from completely flat courses, golf facilities with rolling hills and golf courses that require a certain level of fitness or are best played with a golf cart. All these courses blend beautifully with their natural surroundings. And yet, each golf course offers a unique golfing experience in its own natural setting.


Golfing vacations 5.0

One in 5 Golf in Austria hotels is situated right on the golf course.

From each of our golf hotels, you can visit at least 5 golfing facilities within an hour of driving. Many golf regions even boast a much higher density of golf courses. A partnering golf course is never more than 25 km from your golf hotel.


Experience nature while golfing

Most golf courses in Austria are very different from the designer courses frequented in golf package holidays.

Austria’s golf courses were not just created on the drawing board. Strict environmental regulations make sure our golf courses are carefully integrated into their natural surroundings. This is why each golf course has its own characteristics. If you look beyond the edge of the fairway, you will be rewarded with views of flowering meadows, ancient woods, clear lakes and impressive mountain sceneries.


Perfectly maintained facilities

Guests from overseas, in particular, are often astonished at the excellent condition of Austrian golf courses.

The Leading Golf Courses of Austria take great pride in their immaculate greens, beautiful cutting patterns and sharp bunker edges. But not only they: All our golf course operators have the ambition to maintain their facilities as beautifully as possible. For the sake of their guests’ golfing enjoyment, some facilities focus more on exact playing than on speedy greens ...


Lusciously green golf courses – throughout the season

Austria’s climate is very favourable for golfing vacations: We combine skiing with golfing in spring and can recommend golf courses on a lake or cooler golf courses in the mountains in summer. The true value of Austria’s rich water reserves has become apparent in recent years. On your rounds of golf you will encounter mountain brooks, rivers, lakes and waterfalls that help to keep the fairways fresh and green until late autumn.


Indian summer golfing

Hold on!

This is no geographic misunderstanding. All we intend is to recommend our favourite golfing season to you. In September and October, the weather still frequently allows for rounds of golf in short sleeves and the golf courses are exceptionally beautiful. The early mornings of Indian summer bring glittering dewdrops on spiderwebs and a poetic gleam reflecting off the fairways. What is more, the chefs of our golf hotels try to outdo one another each year with their culinary highlights created from the crop of local fields and gardens.