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The team of your golf hotel will pamper you with Upper Austrian specialties and international cuisine, a broad range of spa treatments and stately accommodation. They will cater to your every need. Experience great days of golfing in Upper Austria!

The most beautiful golf courses in Upper Austria

28 golf courses in diverse and colourful settings

Whether you want to spend your golfing vacation on the idyllic, crystal blue lakes of the Salzkammergut region, e.g. at the Salzkammergut, Bad Ischl and Am Mondsee golf clubs, or rather on the Danube river, at the Donau-Feldkirchen GC, in the mountains of Upper Austria, at the Dilly GC, or in the forests of the Mühlviertel region (surrounded by beautiful rolling hills) at the Golfpark Böhmerwald: A golfing vacation in Upper Austria is a great opportunity to enjoy rich and diverse natural landscapes!

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Facts why you should choose a golf vacation in Upper Austria

and why Upper Austria is worth a golf vacation

A wonderful golfing vacation is not just about beautiful golf courses and great golf resorts. It’s the “little things” that can make all the difference. Below you will find a list of further criteria to help you make your decision. Is there anything else you require for a blissful golfing vacation?


Eighteen holes of golf will tell you more about your fellow players than nineteen years spent in the same office.

Upper Austria has 28 golf facilities of the highest quality with a variety of individual characteristics!

In Upper Austria you can find everything from parkland golf courses to Alpine golfing. Some of the facilities are directly at or very close to one of the province’s many lakes, giving you the chance to combine golfing with swimming. Golfers who are more enthusiastic about culture will also find many interesting sights and locations near the golf courses.


The lakes

Upper Austria has an astonishing number of lakes – 67 to be exact!

The Attersee is the biggest lake in the province. Other famous lakes include the Traunsee and Mondsee lakes, Lake Wolfgang and Lake Hallstatt. Upper Austria is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts and for those who simply want to relax and cool off. You will easily find the right lake for your personal preferences! From crystal clear mountain lakes and the famous lakes of the Salzkammergut region to numerous river bathing facilities, Upper Austria offers many opportunities for a refreshing golfing vacation.


The Danube

The Danube is the longest river running through Upper Austria.

There is hardly any other region as diverse as the Danube region in Upper Austria. You will find a great variety of landscapes with different structures and with baroque monasteries and palaces as well as castles and historic ruins from the Middle Ages. Explore the Danube by boat or on the biking trail along the river! You can find out much about the history of the Danube by bike. Between Passau and Grein, a great number of cruises and boat trips are offered on the river. Such outings will give you a chance to admire the castles and historic ruins from the water.


Let’s go to Linz!

Linz is the capital of the province and also the biggest city in Upper Austria.

After Vienna and Graz, Linz is the third-largest city in Austria. In the area surrounding Linz there are 3 charming golf courses. And the city itself has a lot to offer as well! The New Cathedral lies at the heart of the city centre and boasts a splendid view. It is the largest church in Austria and was built in the 19th and 20th centuries. Arts and culture enthusiasts will not want to miss the Lentos art museum, one of the most important Austrian museums of contemporary art. History buffs will appreciate the Linzer Schloss palace on the Schlossberg mountain in the historic city centre of Linz. The palace was first mentioned in written documents as early as 799.



The town of Hallstatt is a perfect idyll.

Hallstatt is a municipality in the Salzkammergut region and lies on the shore of Lake Hallstatt. The town has a population of 750 and attracts about 1 million tourists every year. One of the reasons for Hallstatt’s popularity, especially with Chinese visitors, is the fact that an exact replica of the town was built in the Chinese province of Guangdong in 2012. Furthermore, many sources cite Hallstatt as one of the most beautiful small towns in all of Europe.


Austria’s imperial history

Remembering Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Sisi

The small health resort of Bad Ischl at an altitude of 468 meters above sea level in the Salzkammergut region was once the summer residence of Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) of Austria. Their magnificent villa is surrounded by an English park, with a characteristic white marble fountain. The villa and the park are open to visitors during the summer months.

Im Ort Bad Ischl verlobte sich Kaiser Franz Joseph mit seiner Sisi im August 1858.


Culinary delights in Upper Austria

Upper Austrian cuisine is as diverse as the region’s population.

Dumplings in numerous varieties are a key component of many main courses, but also of many desserts. A main course that is typical for the Innviertel region, for instance, is Surbradl – cured pork belly with bread dumplings and radish salad. Linzer Torte is arguably the most famous Upper Austrian dessert and is sold at almost every bakery or pastry shop. It consists of a brown shortcrust pastry (seasoned with spices) that is topped with redcurrant jelly and covered with a lattice design of thin dough strips.


Griaß di or Griaß eana!

Upper Austrians are very special people – and their dialect is also very special. When Upper Austrians talk among themselves, it may sound like a foreign language even to speakers of German.

„a Neichtl“: ungenaue Zeitangabe. Das „Neichtl“ ist das zeitliche Pendant zu „a wengal“ (=ein wenig).
„Klappal“: Sommerliches Schuhwerk oder ganz einfach „Sandalen“
„Flesserl“: ist ein oberösterreichisches Traditionsgebäck, welches zu einem Zopf geflochten ist.
„blohappad“: Wer das saftige Gras zwischen den Zehen spürt, ist vermutlich „blohappad“ unterwegs, also bloßfüßig.
„Gschaftlhuaba“: Ein Mensch, der durch sein vorhandenes oder auch nicht vorhandenes Allgemeinwissen seinen Mitmenschen unaufgefordert die Welt erklärt.
„bachalwoam“: Abkühlung im See? Nicht, wenn er „bachalwoam“ ist. Dann hat das Wasser nämlich eine sehr angenehme Temperatur und lädt eher zum Plantschen als zum Schwimmen ein.
„hudeln“: Wenn eine Person besonders in Eile ist und sehr schnell, aber auch mitunter ungeschickt handelt, dann hudelt sie.


The golf hotels

The golf hotels in Upper Austria know just what their golfing guests need. You can expect top-notch service from your golf hotel, from tee time booking to golfing flat rates! Many golf hotels also offer rounds of golf with the manager.
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