Golfing vacations in Tyrol’s Kaiserwinkl region

Heaven on earth for golfers

The Kaiserwinkl golf region in Tyrol lies between the rugged summits of the Wilder Kaiser and Zahmer Kaiser mountains and the softer ridges of the Chiemgau Alps. During your golfing vacation in the Kaiserwinkl region you can take a swim in the Walchsee, Tyrol’s warmest swimming lake, with beautiful bathing areas and great water sports activities. Golfing guests especially enjoy the Kaiserwinkl region’s relaxed atmosphere and traditional Tyrolean ambiance. The Kaiserwinkl golf hotels offer convenient golf packages and personal service. Up on the mountains, about 30 lodges provide wonderful food and places to rest for hikers.

The Kaiserwinkl region is the second-largest golf region in Tyrol, with four golf courses located within a 14-km radius. From the first-rate hotels in the Kaiserwinkl region, such as the Golfhotel Peternhof or the Golfhotel Lärchenhof, you can also reach many other golf courses, including the four golf courses in Kitzbühel or the Ellmau and Westendorf GCs, within an hour of driving.


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Facts why you should choose a golf vacation in Kaiserwinkl

and why the Kaiserwinkl is worth a golf vacation

A wonderful golfing vacation is not just about beautiful golf courses and great golf resorts. It’s the “little things” that can make all the difference. Below you will find a list of further criteria to help you make your decision. Is there anything else you require for a blissful golfing vacation?


Hiking trails

Explore the mountain scenery of the Kaiserwinkl region on foot along more than 200 km of marked routes and hiking trails – by yourself or with a guide! You can freely determine the length, duration and routes of your hikes to match your training level or that of your family or group. Adrenaline junkies can go rafting, canyoning or tandem paragliding. Fun activities for the whole family in the Kaiserwinkl region include carriage rides, riding lessons, guided rides and two archery courses.


Schwemm natural reserve

The Kaiserwinkl is a great place for a family vacation. Visit the Schwemm natural reserve and explore the largest moor in Northern Tyrol together with your family! Nature lovers will be delighted to hear that in this reserve you can find as many as 33 of the roughly 70 types of dragonflies that live in Northern Tyrol.


Golfing in a natural reserve

The Walchsee Moarhof GC lies in the Schwemm area, the largest raised moor in Northern Tyrol.

During your golfing vacation you can reside either at a 200-year-old former farm house with integrated club house or at a stilted chalet with direct access to the swimming pond. At the Moarhof GC golfers play their rounds in a natural reserve, which is why the fairways and greens seem less meticulously designed and more natural than those of other clubs. But where else can you marvel at rare plants and animals, such as 33 different types of dragonflies, while golfing? Every Sunday, local experts take interested visitors on tours through this gem of nature and for instance explain why putting bows of bog-rosemary under your pillow is said to make your dreams come true…


Exciting adventures for your golfing vacation

Rafting and canyoning in the Kaiserwinkl region

Explore one of Tyrol’s most beautiful river valleys in an inflatable boat! Travelling down the Großache river, with currents that are sometimes mild and sometimes wild, you will pass through the Klosterklamm gorge with high rocks on either side. You can also go canyoning and climb down into hidden gorges, rappel along waterfalls, swim in rock pools and dive into deeply green ponds. And if you should happen to swallow a little water, don’t worry – the water is potable!
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