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A golfing vacation in the mountains that leaves nothing to be desired! Saalfelden-Leogang is the perfect place for an intense golfing vacation during which you can play as much golf as you want. And yet, it is also ideal for a deeply relaxing vacation with a few nice and exciting rounds of golf, cultural events, spa treatments and thrilling excursions. This golf region offers two 18-hole golf courses within a distance of only 12 kilometres. The Gut Brandlhof GC is located in the narrow Saalachtal valley and is completely flat. Here, the course of the Saalach river provides interesting challenges for golfers, because the river has to be crossed several times. The Gut Brandlhof GC is the first golf club in Austria that trains dogs to behave on a golf course. Of course, the training conditions for two-legged golfers are excellent as well!

The second golf course in the region is the Urslautal GC, which is located on a slightly hilly terrain and features a great view of the Steinernes Meer mountain range and the surrounding Salzburg landscape. The Saalfelden-Leogang golf region is also an ideal starting place for excursions for golf enthusiasts, because there are another 17 excellent golf courses within a radius of only 70 km.


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A wonderful golfing vacation is not just about beautiful golf courses and great golf resorts. It’s the “little things” that can make all the difference. Below you will find a list of further criteria to help you make your decision. Is there anything else you require for a blissful golfing vacation?


Golfing vacations with XXL adventures!

If rounds of golf or golf tournaments do not provide enough excitement for you, you might want to visit the Flying Fox XXL in Leogang.

This 1600-metre zip-line is one of the longest and fastest zip-line rides in the world, letting you soar over the valley at up to 130 km/h. The experience is said to feel like flying weightlessly through the air – similar to hang-gliding, only much, much faster. Passengers ride the zip-line in a face-down position, tightly secured with straps, and can enjoy a splendid view of the beautiful mountain scenery on their way down into the valley.


Recharge in a place of peace and quiet

The hermitage above Lichtenstein Palace was built in the rocks of the Steinernes Meer mountains in the 17th century. Locals and guests frequently walk up to the hermitage, where, after a short and easy hike, they are rewarded with a fantastic view of the wide Saalfelden valley. Inspiring conversations with the hermit and the special energy exuded by this extraordinary place are further reasons to visit the hermitage.


Concerts with a view: TONspuren on the Asitz mountain

Fascinating summer concerts are held regularly on the Asitz mountain in Leogang, behind the Golfhotel Krallerhof. Enjoy excellent musical performances with a view of the rugged Steinberge mountains in a wonderful evening ambiance!
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