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Eighteen holes of golf will tell you more about your fellow players than nineteen years spent in the same office.

Lower Austria has more golf courses than any other Austrian province.

Lower Austria is the biggest Austrian province by area and ranks second by population. Its capital is St. Pölten and its highest altitude is at 2076 metres (Schneeberg). There are 41 wonderful golf courses in Lower Austria, 11 in the western part of the province and 30 in the eastern part. The density of golf courses is especially high around Vienna.


The Wachau region

The Wachau region is a popular travel destination in Lower Austria.

It is famous for its wine and its many castles, palaces and monasteries. Melk Abbey is one of the largest and most splendid baroque building complexes in Europe and is inhabited and administered by a community of Benedictine monks. The river landscape between Krems an der Donau and Melk with its many small villages is one of the most beautiful and diverse cultural regions in Central Europe and a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. With its many traditional wine taverns, inns and gourmet restaurants, the region is an ideal place for a wine tour.



Wachau apricots are a popular delicacy known throughout Europe.

They are even a protected brand in the EU. What makes Wachau apricots so special is their appealing, full shape and delicate flavour, which unfolds in products such as marmalades, brandies and liquors. Apricots are also an important ingredient in local desserts, such as apricot dumplings or apricot pie.
Depending on the weather, the apricot trees in the Wachau region flower for between 10 days and 3 weeks. This spectacle of nature usually takes place between mid-March and mid-April.



The poppy village of Armschlag in the Waldviertel region is a must-see, especially when the poppy flowers bloom from mid-June to late July. A bright and colourful tapestry of white, violet and red flowers adorns the landscape. You can go hiking around the poppy village or sample the many local specialties made with poppy seed, such as the famous “Mohnzelten” poppy seed cookies.


Austria’s smallest town


Geologically speaking, the area around Hardegg pertains to the Waldviertel region, but as part of the Hollabrunn district it belongs to the Weinviertel region. To the north, Hardegg borders on the Czech Republic with the Thaya River. The town of Hardegg itself (excluding the incorporated villages) has a population of only 84 as of January 1st, 2020 – making it the smallest town in Austria.



The province of Vienna is fully encircled by the province of Lower Austria, in the eastern part of the country. Vienna is Austria’s federal capital and has a population of about 1.9 million, roughly a quarter of Austria’s total population.
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