Golfing vacations in Vorarlberg

The province of Vorarlberg in the westernmost part of Austria, bordering on Switzerland, is a great place to spend your golfing vacation.

Vorarlberg is the second-smallest Austrian province by area after Vienna and offers an interesting mix of traditions and innovations. The local architecture, in particular, sets new standards by combining classic and modern styles. Golfing guests will especially appreciate the traditions of hospitality at their golf hotels.

The people of Vorarlberg are renowned for their friendliness. You will be welcomed with a smile and will feel your everyday worries drop away as you check into your hotel. During your golfing vacation you will be pampered from head to toe. Your hosts in Vorarlberg pride themselves in providing excellent service to their golfing guests. Outstanding gourmet cuisine and family-run golf hotels will make your golfing vacation even more special.

All 6 golf courses in Vorarlberg are marked by an incomparable combination of innovation and nature. A case in point is the island green on the 7th fairway at the Montafon GC, which is unique in Austria.

Discover the charm of the Vorarlberg golf region for yourself!


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Southeast of Lake Bodensee lies the Bregenzerwald with its 23 villages and the beautiful Bregenzerwald Golf Park.

Brandnertal valley

Brandnertal valley

Brandnertal valley

From Brandnertal, all golf courses in Vorarlberg can be reached within an hour's drive.




The golf region around the alpine town of Bludenz.

Lech Zürs am Arlberg

Lech Zürs am Arlberg

Lech Zürs am Arlberg

The golf course at 1,500 meters above sea level.




In the south of Vorarlberg lies the Montafon region.

Rhine Valley

Rhine Valley

Rhine Valley

In the west of Vorarlberg lies the Rhine Valley.



Facts why you should choose a golf vacation in Vorarlberg

and why Vorarlberg is worth a golf vacation

A wonderful golfing vacation is not just about beautiful golf courses and great golf resorts. It’s the “little things” that can make all the difference. Below you will find a list of further criteria to help you make your decision. Is there anything else you require for a blissful golfing vacation?


Eighteen holes of golf will tell you more about your fellow players than nineteen years spent in the same office.

6 golf facilities within a radius of just 45 km

Golfing in Vorarlberg is efficient and enjoyable. You will find that the golf region’s six charming courses (pleasantly close to each other) reflect the full variety of Vorarlberg – from the mountain scenery of the Alps to a wide view of the Rhine Valley plains. Explore four 18-hole courses and two 9-hole courses during your golfing vacation!


Golf hotels in Vorarlberg

The golf hotels in Vorarlberg combine personal and friendly hospitality with internationally renowned standards and offer a great variety of services. Off the beautiful Vorarlberg golf courses, each golf hotel provides its own kaleidoscope of sporty activities, cultural events and culinary highlights.


Vorarlberg golf hotels and their golf services

All golf hotels in Vorarlberg offer their guests convenient greenfee rates at their partnering golf clubs as well as a 20 percent greenfee discount at any of the other golf courses in Vorarlberg.
The Vorarlberg Golf Weeks and the tournaments run by the golf hotels are organised with great attention to detail and are always worth the trip!


Great diversity in a small space

Variety is the hallmark of the Vorarlberg golf region.

The 6 golf courses and more than 20 golf hotels in Vorarlberg offer many interesting combinations for your golfing vacation. Furthermore, the Vorarlberg landscape spans Mediterranean flair on Lake Constance in the northwest and rugged Alpine sceneries at more than 3000 metres above sea level in the southeast – all within a beeline distance of 70 km.
Cable cars, museums, shipping on Lake Constance, many prestigious cultural events as well as exciting projects in architecture and culture are just some of the things that make this region a very special place for your golfing vacation.


Flat golf courses in Vorarlberg

Of course, Golf in Vorarlberg includes Alpine golfing – but that’s not all!

The modern 18-hole golf facility of the Montfort-Rankweil golf park offers slightly modulated, but otherwise completely flat fairways in the Rhine Valley, eliminating any difficulties caused by uneven grounds. To make up for that, a few water hazards may give pause to the players. Another eye-catcher at the Montfort-Rankweil golf park is the modern club house and restaurant with a splendid public terrace.
The Montafon GC also offers surprisingly flat fairways surrounded by lusciously green Alpine foothills with an impressive view of high summits in the background. It is the oldest golf course in Vorarlberg and incidentally comprises the longest fairway in the Vorarlberg golf region, extending for 542 metres (from the yellow tee boxes).


Alpine golfing fun in Vorarlberg

While the Vorarlberg golf region also features flat golf facilities, your golfing vacation will be mostly about golf courses embedded so perfectly into the Alpine landscape that it almost seems as if they had always been there.

The Alpin Golf Brand GC, for instance, sells T-shirts that say “Anybody can play a flat course!”. On this golf course, in particular, you won’t have any problems as long as you stay on the fairway. But if you focus only on your score at the Alpin Golf Brand, Bludenz Braz and Lech-Arlberg GCs, you might miss what Alpine golfing is all about: spectacular natural landscapes and mountain sceneries as far as the eye can see!


Enjoy spectacles of nature while golfing in Vorarlberg

Do you know any other golf courses where you may see red deer, roe deer and marmots at the edge of the fairway? Due to its idyllic location in the Zugertal valley, the Lech GC offers a chance of extraordinary encounters with the local fauna – especially in the mornings.


Golfing at the highest level

At an altitude of 1500 metres above sea level, the Lech-Arlberg GC is the most highly elevated golf course in Austria. You will notice how the reduced atmospheric pressure will make your golf balls travel even farther than in the valley. So, why not hold a longest drive contest in Lech?


Top-level golfing vacations

The level of quality for golfing vacations in Vorarlberg is as high as the region’s topography.

Many of Vorarlberg’s golf hotels also belong to the most exclusive winter sports resorts in Europe. These hotels offer incomparable, world-class infrastructure and services to golfing guests in summer. Did you know that Lech has the world’s greatest density of award-winning gourmet restaurants? As experts for golfing vacations in Austria, we can also recommend extraordinary hotels for golfers, gourmets, spa and relaxation enthusiasts as well as families in many other golf areas in Vorarlberg, such as the Bregenzerwald region, the Brandnertal and Montafon valleys or the area around Bludenz.


Culture in Vorarlberg

During your golfing vacation in Vorarlberg you will find that the locals are deeply rooted in their culture and traditions. Culture here goes beyond the presentation of centuries-old buildings and works of art. The local workshops and creative artists are open to new developments and love to experiment with modern styles. This pioneering spirit can be felt throughout the province.

During your golfing vacation in the Bregenzerwald region, for instance, you will marvel not only at the beautiful local architecture but also at the bus stops in Krumbach, which were designed by young international artists and built by local workshops.

In the Alpine region surrounding Bludenz, the Muttersberg mountain becomes an open-air gallery. In Lech you can visit the Skyspace-Lech art installation, the Philosophicum and also the recently opened Literaricum Lech.

For world-class musical performances we recommend the Bregenz Festival or the Schubertiade concert series.

To add to your special vacation experience in Vorarlberg, you can visit the many museums and exhibitions displaying the province’s typical local costumes (such as the Montafoner Tracht), local life, art and handicraft (e.g. Werkraum Bregenzerwald) as well as Vorarlberg’s agricultural traditions.


Accompanied by architecture

Architecture throughout Vorarlberg

As you explore the landscape in Vorarlberg, admire its mountains and lakes, enjoy the hospitality of your hosts and learn about local life and traditions, you will also notice the region’s extraordinary architecture. An amazing number of remarkable contemporary buildings can be found throughout the province.


Golf and spa in Vorarlberg

Imagine you have just played a challenging round of golf on a golf course in Vorarlberg and are now relaxing in an outdoor whirlpool! You are enjoying a beautiful sunset with a fantastic view of the rolling green hills of the Bregenzerwald region and the Säntis mountain in Switzerland. Or you could be swimming in a heated outdoor pool at 1700 metres above sea level, surrounded by flowering mountain meadows and a majestic mountain scenery. Or resting in the relaxation area after a sauna session while watching the golfers on the golf course opposite the spa. Fresh air, quiet surroundings, clear spring water from the tap and attentive hosts included! This is what a golfing and spa vacation in Vorarlberg feels like.


Golfing vacations for gourmets in Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg has the greatest density of award-winning restaurants in the world.

All golf hotels in Vorarlberg presented by Golf in Austria pamper their guests with exquisite cuisine. Regional and international dishes made with local ingredients are part of the high standards at Vorarlberg’s golf hotels.
Special highlights include: the Chef’s Table at the Hotel Rote Wand (incidentally just a par 5 from the Lech-Arlberg GC), the healthy, award-winning meals at the Burg Vital Resort in Oberlech, the Wälder Stube 1840 dining room at the romantic gourmet hotel “Das Schiff” as well as the outstanding food prepared by award-winning chefs at the Post Lech Arlberg, the Hotel Arlberg and the hotel „Die Krone von Lech“. And the list goes on, e.g. with the excellent restaurants of the hotels Berghof, Gotthard, Alpenrose, Löwen Hotel, Dörflinger, Traube Braz, Valavier, Sarotla, etc.


Golf hotels on the golf course in Vorarlberg

For many vacationers, the location of their golf hotel makes all the difference.

There are as many as three golf hotels on the Alpin Golf Brand GC. At the Valavier Aktivresort and the Golfhotel Sarotla, the golf course lies right outside the front door. Guests who are swimming in the pool or dining on the terrace can watch the golfers on the opposite green. The Hotel Garni Tannleger is in a convenient, central location and still within walking distance (about the length of a par 4) from the golf course. And if you are staying at the Walch’s Rote Wand Gourmet Hotel and are feeling like playing a round of golf, the Lech-Arlberg GC is just a par 5 away.


Family golfing vacations in Vorarlberg

The Montafon and Brandnertal valleys as well as Lech am Arlberg are great destinations for a family golfing vacation.

The golf courses are close by, golf lessons for the whole family are being offered and there are so many activities to discover off the green that all family members will thoroughly enjoy themselves. At the Sporthotel Beck, for instance, kids can ride horses, try archery, go swimming in natural lakes, participate in exciting excursions and discover many further activities offered in the region. Themed nature walks and adventure hikes are a great way for the whole family to explore the enchanting natural surroundings.


Golfing and mountains in Vorarlberg

Golfers are hardly known as ardent hikers, at least not off the green.

But sometimes the view is most beautiful from the top. Use the region’s many cable cars to get a new perspective of things! The golf hotels presented here will be glad to suggest excursions to the most beautiful places in Vorarlberg, including the Lünersee lake in the Brandnertal valley, the Steinernes Meer plateau on the Arlberg mountain or the high moor around the Weigensee lake in the Montafon valley. We recommend creating wonderful, lasting memories during your golfing vacation by exploring the many great activities offered in this golf region, such as a hike to see the sunset in the Brandnertal valley or a night of watching shooting stars at 2350 metres above sea level.


A golfing destination that is easy to reach

Another reason why Vorarlberg is a popular European destination for golfing vacations is that this beautiful golf region is so easy to reach.

Its strategic position between Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany makes Austria’s westernmost province ideal for a spontaneous golf weekend. Bregenz is only 120 km from Zurich, 180 km from Munich and about 200 km from Stuttgart, which makes this very special golf destination even more appealing for guests from neighbouring countries.


Rounds of golf with the locals

If you are offered the chance to play golf with your host or with any other locals, you should definitely accept! You may receive many valuable tips and learn interesting inside knowledge.

Grüaß di (Gott)! = Grüß Gott!
Guata Morga! = Guten Morgen!
Guata Obed/Obad/Obig! = Guten Abend!
Honds frei! = Habt eine angenehme Zeit
Pfüate (Pfüat’ Gott)! = Auf Wiedersehen
Uf Wiederluaga! = Auf Wiedersehen
(zäm) hocka = (beisammen) sitzen
tschutta = Fußball spielen
schwätza, riasa = reden
rüabig si = ruhig sein
Wia hosch es all/allad? = Wie geht’s Dir so?
Isches g’hörig (gsi)? = Ist/war es recht? (wird z.B. im Gasthaus gefragt)
Honder’s schö g’het (g’ha, g’hia)? = Hatten Sie/Hattet Ihr es schön?

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